Ti Laser Training System

Ti Laser Simulator Training

Train With the Latest Ti Laser Technology

The Ti Laser Training System is a simulation technology currently used by law enforcement and military organizations to practice use-of-force scenarios in a fully customized setting. We offer training opportunities for civilians to experience concealed carry scenarios and firearm  fundamentals on the simulator.

Hunt Zombies or Duel Cowboys

The Gunfighter Ti Entertainment Simulation System immerses customers who will be able to train in an urban apocalypse, quick draw in a duel to the death in the Old West, and exterminate the zombie hordes plaguing post-apocalyptic Earth.

Simulator Prices

Gun Fighter- $45.00 per hour
Concealed Carry- $60.00 per hour
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"We were there this past weekend with the Illinois Chapter leaders of The Well-Armed Woman for our yearly meeting / shoot. The facility is top notch! High Caliber is a fitting name! Very clean and well run, safe range. The instructors were all very highly qualified, knowledgeable, and friendly. Loved the Ti Simulator. Hope to go back with my family for more training. It will be worth the 2.5-hour drive. Thank you very much, High Caliber for an amazing educational weekend!"

 - Barb L., Facebook

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