Armed Citizen Series

Educated Armed Citizen

Become an Educated Armed Citizen

Take the Armed Citizen Series at High Caliber Training Center & Indoor Range to continue your Concealed Carry education. 

Concealed Carry Mindset

Participants will be introduced to the "universal human phobia" (Lt. Col. D. Grossman). The Cooper Color Code of Mental and Situational Awareness will prepare participants to identify and, when possible, avoid potentially violent situations.

Participants will receive the mental tools to win unavoidable violent encounters and survive to tell about it. A certificate of completion will be awarded, and each participant will have their own copy of handouts used in the course.

Cost: $50.00

Active Shooter

An active shooter has become an unfortunate part of American life. This course addresses how to apply the concealed carry mentality into the active shooter scenario.

The course mixes a lecture with questions and answers with life-like simulations on the Ti Training Simulator to prepare an armed citizen for the worst-case scenario of being confronted with an active shooter.

Cost: $50.00
Shooting Point

Gunshot Wound Basics

Learn to address the treatment of one particular trauma, gunshot wounds. Participants will get hands-on training in the creation and use of a "blow-out kit" or "individual trauma kit."

All firearms owners should prepare themselves to deal with a potential gunshot wound either in the home, on the range or on a hunting trip.

Cost: $30.00

Pistol 101

A comprehensive hands-on course teaching the student how to properly manipulate the semi-automatic pistol. Students will learn to charge and clear pistol malfunctions and proper reloading techniques.

This course is a must not only for target shooters but also for conceal carry holders and home protection. Take the first step in manipulating the pistol properly and learn to fight with the pistol in a deadly encounter.

Cost: $50.00

Pistol 201

Learn the difference between cover and concealment in this course. Proper techniques on how to hide behind cover will be demonstrated, and cover lines will be explained. Students will also be taught braced shooting positions to go along with utilizing cover properly.

Cost: $50.00

Pistol 101 and Pistol 201 must be taken in sequential order.              

Advantages to Completing the Series

An individual that completes the entire series within six months will receive a one-time incentive to purchase an annual membership at 50% OFF the regular price.

Memberships are Available!
Visit 1414 Triumph Dr.
"After taking the 16-Hour Illinois Concealed Carry classes, I wanted to learn more. ... Having completed 4 of the 5 classes in the Armed Citizen series, I feel that I have the basics down on how to deal with and survive such a situation, both physically and mentally. I would encourage everyone to talk to the staff at High Caliber about starting this series."

- Greg L.

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