Private Instruction


Private Instruction for Firearms

Get the private instruction that you need from the professional staff at High Caliber Training Center & Indoor Range. You'll love our dedication to your training and our commitment to safety.

Get the Training You Need

If you have any specific training requests or would like to work on any of the following areas: pistol, tactical rifle, shotgun, self-defense, concealed carry or home defense with one of our certified instructors, please contact us via phone or email for more information.

Rates for Private Instruction

Individual Instruction, minimum 1 hour - $50.00/hour
Couple's Instruction, minimum 2.5 hours - $150.00
Memberships are Available!
Visit 1414 Triumph Dr.
"I am a first-time shooter. The one-on-one private training was great. I left with a better understanding of the gun and safety techniques. The instructor really took the nervousness out of shooting.

 - Penny N-A. Facebook

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